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Parent Directory - Aspden - A Theory of Pion Creation (1989).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:34 679K Aspden - A Theory of Proton Creation (1988).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:34 362K Aspden - AETHER SCIENCE PAPERS (1996).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:34 225K Aspden - An Empirical Approach to Meson Energy Correlation (1986).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:34 407K Aspden - CAN GRAVITY BE AN ELECTROSTATIC FORCE (2005).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:34 98K Aspden - CYCLOTRON RESONANCE IN HUMAN BODY CELLS (1997).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:34 221K Aspden - Conservative Hadron Interactions Exemplified by the Creation of the Kaon (1989).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:34 656K Aspden - ENERGY SCIENCE - A BRIEF REVIEW AND A CONCLUSION (2004).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:34 112K Aspden - ENERGY SCIENCE - AN INTRODUCTORY OVERVIEW (2004).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:34 172K Aspden - Instantaneous Electrodynamic Potential with Retarded Energy Transfer (1988).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:34 606K Aspden - Meson Production based on Thomson Energy Correlation (1986).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:34 295K Aspden - Modern Aether Science (1972).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:34 6.8M Aspden - POWER FROM ICE - THE THERMOELECTRIC REGENERATOR (1997).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 311K Aspden - POWER FROM ICE - THERMOELECTRICS PART 1 (1994).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 635K Aspden - POWER FROM MAGNETISM (2004).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 159K Aspden - POWER FROM MAGNETISM - OVER-UNITY MOTOR DESIGN (1996).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 482K Aspden - POWER FROM MAGNETISM - THE POTTER DEBATE (1994).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 140K Aspden - POWER FROM MAGNETISM - THE TRANSVERSE RELUCTANCE MOTOR (1997).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 349K Aspden - POWER FROM SPACE - INERTIA AND GRAVITATION (1994).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 207K Aspden - POWER FROM SPACE - THE CORREA INVENTION (1996).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 370K Aspden - POWER FROM WATER - COLD FUSION PART 1 (1994).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 130K Aspden - Physics unified.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:35 9.8M Aspden - Physics without Einstein (1969).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 11M Aspden - Physics without Einstein - A Centenary Review (2005).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:35 223K Aspden - Retardation in the Coulomb Potential (1995).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 952K Aspden - Standing Wave Interferometry (1990).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 739K Aspden - Synchronous Lattice Electrodynamics as an Alternative to Time Dilation (1987).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 655K Aspden - TESLA VERSUS EINSTEIN (2005).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 114K Aspden - THE CREATION OF THE PROTON (2005).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 119K Aspden - THE FOO FIGHTER MYSTERY (2004).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 73K Aspden - THE PHYSICS OF PERPETUAL MOTION (2004).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 118K Aspden - The Physics of the Missing Atoms - Technetium and Promethium (1987).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:37 454K Aspden - The Theoretical Nature of the Neutron and the Deuteron (1986).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:37 634K Aspden - The Theory of Antigravity (1991).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:37 751K Aspden - The Theory of the Gravitation Constant (1989).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:37 620K Aspden - The Theory of the Proton Constants (1988).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:37 580K Aspden - The physics of creation (2003).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:36 1.2M Barret - Tesla's nonlinear oscillator-shuttle circuit (OSC) theory.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:37 3.1M Bearden - 34 Flaws in Classical EM Theory.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:37 270K Bearden - AIDS - Biological warfare (1988, 03-Sep-2011 15:38 22M Bearden - Aetherscience - The Unnecessary Energy Crisis.doc 03-Sep-2011 15:37 175K Bearden - Articles - Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:39 2.0M Bearden - Articles - Vacuum Engines and Priore's Methodology - The True Science of Energy-Medicine.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:39 6.2M Bearden - Cheap Clean Energy from the Vacuum.doc 03-Sep-2011 15:39 128K Bearden - Dossier Priore - Photographs.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:39 298K Bearden - EXPLANATION OF THE MOTIONLESS ELECTROMAGNETIC GENERATOR WITH 0(3) ELECTRODYNAMICS.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:42 605K Bearden - Electret - What it is and how it works (2005).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:39 23K Bearden - Energy from the vacuum - concepts and principles (2002, 03-Sep-2011 15:40 20M Bearden - Excalibur briefing 2nd Edn - Explaining paranormal phenomena ('78-'88, 03-Sep-2011 15:42 20M Bearden - Fact Sheet - Leyton Hierarchies of Symmetry - updated 04-07-2004.doc 03-Sep-2011 15:42 113K Bearden - Fact Sheet - MEG - How it works.doc 03-Sep-2011 15:42 91K Bearden - Fact Sheet - Overunity EM power systems.doc 03-Sep-2011 15:42 189K Bearden - Fact Sheet - Perpetual Motion - Updated 2004-08-08.doc 03-Sep-2011 15:42 288K Bearden - Fact Sheet - Source Charge Problem.doc 03-Sep-2011 15:42 63K Bearden - Fact Sheet - why Van Flandern waterfall analogy.doc 03-Sep-2011 15:42 97K Bearden - Fer de lance 2nd Edn (scalar EM weapons, '86-'02, 03-Sep-2011 15:43 15M Bearden - Final secret of free energy (1993, 03-Sep-2011 15:43 690K Bearden - Free book - ANALYSIS OF SCALAR EM TECHNOLOGY (1990, 03-Sep-2011 15:43 110K Bearden - Free book - CANCER AND THE UNRESOLVED HEALTH ISSUES IN THE BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF EM FIELDS AND RADIATION.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:43 2.0M Bearden - Free book - New Tesla Electromagnetics and the Secrets of Electrical Free Energy (1984, 03-Sep-2011 15:43 2.1M Bearden - Free book - Star wars now ( 03-Sep-2011 15:43 152K Bearden - Free book - TOWARDS A NEW ELECTROMAGNETICS part 1 and 2.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:43 466K Bearden - Free book - TOWARDS A NEW ELECTROMAGNETICS part 3.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:43 436K Bearden - Free book - TOWARDS A NEW ELECTROMAGNETICS part 4.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:44 1.1M Bearden - GRAVITATIONAL AND EM ENERGY FROM CURVED SPACE-TIME.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:44 119K Bearden - Gravitobiology - A new biophysics (1991, 03-Sep-2011 15:44 2.3M Bearden - MEG (Patent).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:44 1.1M Bearden - Misc - Howard Johnson constructing one of his magnetic motors.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:44 219K Bearden - Misc - Kawai Engine Patent Diagrams ( 03-Sep-2011 15:44 525K Bearden - Misc - Megabrain Report - Interview with Bearden ( 03-Sep-2011 15:44 65K Bearden - Misc - Moore - Relationship between Efficiency and Coefficient of Performance ( 03-Sep-2011 15:44 228K Bearden - Misc - The Astronaut's Magnetic Boots ( 03-Sep-2011 15:44 341K Bearden - Oblivion - America at the Brink (2005).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:44 7.4M Bearden - Patent - METHOD, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR CONDITIONING EM POTENTIALS, FIELDS, AND WAVES TO TREAT AND ALTER MATTER.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:45 1.4M Bearden - Priore Grant Material - Brochure text 012104.doc 03-Sep-2011 15:45 167K Bearden - QUITON - PERCEPTRON PHYSICS (1973).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:45 4.2M Bearden - Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use (2004).doc 03-Sep-2011 15:45 382K Bearden - Slides - Defense Department Briefing on Priore Treatment to counter Biological warfare ( 03-Sep-2011 15:45 4.1M Bearden - Slides - Deffeyes - Hubbert's Peak - Impending Oil Crisis (2001, Bearden's review, chapter 1 only, 03-Sep-2011 15:45 724K Bearden - Slides - Energy, Observations and Comments.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:45 834K Bearden - Slides - Foundations of Electro-Magnetism.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:45 3.6M Bearden - Slides - Life systems - Toward the Beginning of the End ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 1.0M Bearden - Slides - Missing Infolded Electrodynamics ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 1.2M Bearden - Slides - National Report on America's Energy Crisis ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 1.0M Bearden - Slides - Porthole concept (healing methods with EM waves, 03-Sep-2011 15:46 1.2M Bearden - Slides - Scalar EM weapons ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 7.2M Bearden - Slides - Technical Background on the Priore Healing Process ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 124K Bearden - Slides - The Anomalies in Navy Electrolyte Experiments at China Lake.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:46 467K Bearden - Slides - Visual Tour of what they don't want you to know about electrical circuits ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 282K Bearden - Solving the energy crisis.doc 03-Sep-2011 15:46 26K Bearden - Tech papers - Bedini's Method for Forming Negative Resistors in Batteries ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 118K Bearden - Tech papers - CHASING THE WILD DRAGON ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 553K Bearden - Tech papers - Dark Energy or Dark Matter ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 58K Bearden - Tech papers - EM Energy from the Vacuum - Ten Questions with Extended answers ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 97K Bearden - Tech papers - Engines and Templates - Correcting Effects Confused as Causes ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 131K Bearden - Tech papers - Extending The Porthole Concept and the Waddington Valley Cell Lineage Concept ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 24K Bearden - Tech papers - Extracting and Using Electromagnetic Energy from the Active vacuum ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 246K Bearden - Tech papers - Fogal Transistor Notes and Reference ( 03-Sep-2011 15:46 88K Bearden - Tech papers - Giant Negentropy from the Common Dipole ( 03-Sep-2011 15:47 92K Bearden - Tech papers - Importance of Leyton's Hierarchies of Symmetry ( 03-Sep-2011 15:47 21K Bearden - Tech papers - Master Principle of EM Overunity and the Japanese Overunity Engines ( 03-Sep-2011 15:47 449K Bearden - Tech papers - Mechanisms for Deep Penetration of Environmental Dense Weak EM Noise Interference Into the Body ( 03-Sep-2011 15:47 21K Bearden - Tech papers - Novel Principles In The Rife Microscope Updated 10-12-03 ( 03-Sep-2011 15:47 1.9M Bearden - Tech papers - ON EXTRACTING ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY FROM THE VACUUM ( 03-Sep-2011 15:47 124K Bearden - Tech papers - On the Principles of Permissible Overunity EM Power Systems ( 03-Sep-2011 15:47 1.9M Bearden - Tech papers - Precursor Engineering ( 03-Sep-2011 15:47 100K Bearden - Tech papers - Self-Powering Heat Amplifier as the Mechanism for the Final Catastrophic Destruction of the Shuttle Columbia ( 03-Sep-2011 15:47 33K Bearden - Tech papers - Utilizing Scalar Electromagnetics To Tap Vacuum Energy ( 03-Sep-2011 15:47 119K Bearden - Tech papers - Vision 2000 - The New Science Now Emerging for the New Millennium ( 03-Sep-2011 15:47 84K Bearden - US Office of Naval Research Report on the Priore Machine.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:47 429K Bearden et al - Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:47 1.3M Bedini - Back EMF permanent electromagnetic motor generator (patent info) (2001).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:47 1.1M Bedini - Back EMF permanent electromagnetic motor generator (patent info) (2002).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:47 1.2M Bedini - Device and method for pulse charging a battery (patent info) (2004).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:47 825K Bohren Experiment (American Journal of Physics, April 1983).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:47 1.0M Crane Patent On Pollution Control And Free Energy (1973).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 3.1M Efficient Power - Gray patent (Free Energy).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 1.3M Evans - LINK BETWEEN THE SACHS AND O(3) THEORIES OF ELECTRODYNAMICS.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 366K Extracting electrical energy from vacuum by cohesion of charged foliated conductors.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 683K Extracting heat and energy from vacuum.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 346K Finster - Defnition of the Dirac Sea in the Presence of External Fields.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 238K Flynn patent (free energy).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 669K Fogal patents (Free Energy).zip 03-Sep-2011 15:48 2.7M Haisch - Geometrodynamics, Inertia and the Quantum Vacuum (2001).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 97K Haisch - Inertia as zero-point-field Lorentz force (1994).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 1.2M Haisch - Inertial mass and the quantum vacuum fields (2000).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 148K Haisch - On the relation between a zero-point-field-induced inertial effect and the Einstein-de Broglie formula (2003).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 64K Haisch - REPLY TO MICHEL'S COMMENT ON ZERO-POINT FLUCTUATIONS AND THE COSMOLOGICAL CONSTANT (1997).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 158K Haisch - TOWARD AN INTERSTELLAR MISSION - ZEROING IN ON THE ZERO-POINT-FIELD INERTIA RESONANCE (1996).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 105K Haisch - Update on an Electromagnetic Basis for Inertia, Gravitation, Principle of Equivalence, Spin and Particle Mass Ratios (2002).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 210K Haisch - Zero-Point Field and the NASA Challenge to Create the Space Drive (1997).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 104K Haisch et al - Advances in the Proposed Electromagnetic Zero-Point Field Theory of Inertia (1998).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 111K Haranas - Redshift Calculations in the Dynamic Theory of Gravity.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 266K Haranas - The Classical Problem of a Body Falling in a Tube Through the Center of the Earth in the Dynamic Theory of Gravity.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 191K Harwood - Joe Flynn's Parallel Path Magnetic Technology (2003).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 209K Hooper - New horizons in EM and gravitational field theory.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:48 2.5M INVENTION OF HANS COLER, RELATING TO AN ALLEGED NEW SOURCE OF 03-Sep-2011 15:49 258K Ibison & Puthoff - Relativistic Integro-Differential Form Of The Lorentz Dirac Equation In 3D Without Runaways (2000).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 84K Loder - Outside the box - SPACE AND TERRESTRIAL TRANSPORTATION (R).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 243K Logan - How to Beat Problem Energy (2005).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 1.1M Logan - How to make an Orgone field pulser (sample) (2005).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 681K Logan - Introduction to orgone matrix material (2004).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 1.3M Mehta - THE SINGLE BEST ARGUMENT AGAINST SPECIAL RELATIVITY (2001).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 199K Mizuno - Nuclear Transmutation - The Reality of Cold Fusion (introduction).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 96K Modanese - Dipolar zero-modes of Einstein action - informal summary with some new issues (2000).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 111K Modanese - Inertial Mass and Vacuum Fluctuations in Quantum Field Theory (2003).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 87K Modanese - Large Dipolar Vacuum Fluctuations in Quantum Gravity (2000).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 197K Modanese - Paradox of Virtual Dipoles in the Einstein Action (2000).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 94K Modanese - Zero-point field induced mass vs. QED mass renormalization (2000).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 81K PHYSICS OF THE ZERO-POINT FIELD - IMPLICATIONS FOR INERTIA, GRAVITATION AND MASS.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 266K PROGRESS IN ESTABLISHING A CONNECTION BETWEEN THE ELECTROMAGNETIC ZERO-POINT FIELD AND INERTIA.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 88K Pajak - Advanced Magnetic Propulsion Systems - Part 1.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 520K Pajak - Advanced Magnetic Propulsion Systems - Part 2.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 584K Pajak - Advanced Magnetic Propulsion Systems - Part 3.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 510K Pajak - The Oscillatory Chamber - Arkway to the Stars Part 1.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 2.6M Pajak - Thought Pyramid.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 1.0M Petkov - Acceleration-dependent self-interaction effects as a basis for inertia (2003).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 362K Petkov - Did 20th century physics have the means to reveal the nature of inertia and gravitation (2000)(R).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 172K Petkov - Dipole in a gravitational field (2001).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 137K Petkov - Elevator.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 48K Petkov - Is the active gravitational mass of a charged body distance-dependent (2001).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 65K Petkov - LORENTZ CONTRACTION AND DIMENSIONALITY OF REALITY (R).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 127K Petkov - Nature of force acting on charged classical particle deviated from its geodesic path in gravitational field (2001)(R).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 147K Petkov - ON THE POSSIBILITY OF A PROPULSION DRIVE CREATION THROUGH A LOCAL MANIPULATION OF SPACETIME GEOMETRY (1998).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 114K Petkov - On the gravitational redshift (2001).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 66K Petkov - PROPULSION THROUGH ELECTROMAGNETIC SELF-SUSTAINED ACCELERATION (1999).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 124K Petkov - Probing the anisotropic velocity of light in a gravitational field - another test of general relativity (2000).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 102K Petkov - Propagation of light in non-inertial reference frames (2003).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:49 185K Place - Electronuclear Ion Fusion In An Ion Cyclotron Resonance Reactor (patent info).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 1.5M Priore - HEALING OF THE ACUTE AND CHRONIC EXPERIMENTAL TRYPANOSOMIASIS BY THE COMBINED ACTION OF MODULATED MAGNETIC FIELDS AND ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 4.1M Puthoff - Novel Communication Method (patent info).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 248K Puthoff et al - Engineering the Zero-Point Field and Polarizable Vacuum for Interstellar Flight (2002).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 101K Rodrigues & Lu - On the Existence of Undistorted Progressive Waves (UPWs) of Arbitrary Speeds (1997).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 680K Rodrigues & Vaz - ON THE EQUATION Rot a = Ka (1996).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 85K Rodrigues & Vaz - SUBLUMINAL AND SUPERLUMINAL SOLUTIONS IN VACUUM OF THE MAXWELL EQUATIONS AND THE MASSLESS DIRAC EQUATION (1995).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 154K Rueda - Contribution to inertial mass by reaction of the vacuum to accelerated motion (1998).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 259K Rueda - Electromagnetic Zero Point Field as Active Energy Source in the Intergalactic Medium (1999).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 82K Rueda - Gravity and the Quantum Vacuum Inertia Hypothesis (2001).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 116K Rueda - Inertia as reaction of the vacuum to accelerated motion (1998).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 113K Sachs - Symmetry In Electrodynamics.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 529K Sarfatti - Zero Point Energy, Star Gates & Warp Drive (2002).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 723K Stirling Engine 03-Sep-2011 15:50 199K Telecommunications with standing gravitational waves (G-Com).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 203K Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 22K The complete set of the equations of James Clerk MAXWELL.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 90K Valone - FEASIBILITY STUDY OF ZERO-POINT ENERGY EXTRACTION FROM THE QUANTUM VACUUM FOR THE PERFORMANCE OF USEFUL WORK (2004).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 2.3M Vlaenderen - A generalisation of classical electrodynamics for the prediction of scalar field effects (2004).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 120K Wallace - The Farce of Physics (1994).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 270K Waser - Quaternionen In Der Elektrodynamik (2001).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 88K White - Dirac Current Positron Generator (2003).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 247K White - Energy from Electrons and Matter from Protons - A Preliminary Model Based on Observer Physics (2003).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 301K White - Observer Physics Simplifies Nuclear and Particle Physics (2003).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 221K White - Welcome to Superluminal Phase-Wave Civilization (2003).pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 206K Whittaker E.T. - On an Expression of the Electromagnetic Field due to Electrons by means of two Scalar Potential Functions.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:50 53K Whittaker E.T. - On the Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics.pdf 03-Sep-2011 15:51 902K
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